fredag den 17. maj 2013

Anders Reventlov

Artist Anders Reventlov,born in 1984 is a active player in the graffiti culture.Drawing and painting his whole life, he started painting graffiti in 1996 and started to paint out from the idea that you needed to break and push the rules of the conservative graffiti game.Teamed up with a fellow writer and started to push the limits, of what people found possible to do at the time in Denmark. In that they succeded. Hated by many loved by few, he continued painting the way he wanted. In 2004 he attended the Jutland academy of fine art, and studied there in 5 years. Here he developed as a painter. Mainly focusing on canvas, and drawing, painting the feelings and thougts of everyday life, mixed with references deeply founded in the graffiti world. Anders Reventlov, felt a need of seperating graffiti and the contemporary art world. Never using his graffiti identity, in any art context keeping it seperated, and pure. And most important keeping graffiti as a free room, where he can go when ever he wants with out no body have to bother him, as a constant inspiration that contribute to his work as an visual artist. Anders Reventlov, has since 2004 been a more and more visible name, in many ways, often in the role as a curator, og organizer of graffiti-shows and Art exhibtions. His constant travels and urge to paint with new people have created a big international network. In 2010 he was invited to Participate in a Exhibition at the MUBE Museo in Sao Paulo, where he represented Denmark, together with 36 of the best graffiti writers and mural painters in the world.

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