fredag den 31. maj 2013

Storm before the stom! John Howard in the streets of Viborg! Warming op for tommorow!

Color explosion! Spreading good vibrations!

And people love it! 

The pioners, of Sao Paulo, and New York. Two legends meet for the first time, ever! Everybody starts  painting tommorow!
On the Photo
Blade TC5 ,John Howard and Anders Reventlov 
The Kings and The kid

torsdag den 30. maj 2013

mandag den 20. maj 2013

John Howard

"John Howard is the most important guy! He started graffiti here in Sao Paulo. In the late 70's he was the first to use the streets , and discover the city!!!! all our  respect to him!" 

OsGemeos 2013


fredag den 17. maj 2013

Anders Reventlov

Artist Anders Reventlov,born in 1984 is a active player in the graffiti culture.Drawing and painting his whole life, he started painting graffiti in 1996 and started to paint out from the idea that you needed to break and push the rules of the conservative graffiti game.Teamed up with a fellow writer and started to push the limits, of what people found possible to do at the time in Denmark. In that they succeded. Hated by many loved by few, he continued painting the way he wanted. In 2004 he attended the Jutland academy of fine art, and studied there in 5 years. Here he developed as a painter. Mainly focusing on canvas, and drawing, painting the feelings and thougts of everyday life, mixed with references deeply founded in the graffiti world. Anders Reventlov, felt a need of seperating graffiti and the contemporary art world. Never using his graffiti identity, in any art context keeping it seperated, and pure. And most important keeping graffiti as a free room, where he can go when ever he wants with out no body have to bother him, as a constant inspiration that contribute to his work as an visual artist. Anders Reventlov, has since 2004 been a more and more visible name, in many ways, often in the role as a curator, og organizer of graffiti-shows and Art exhibtions. His constant travels and urge to paint with new people have created a big international network. In 2010 he was invited to Participate in a Exhibition at the MUBE Museo in Sao Paulo, where he represented Denmark, together with 36 of the best graffiti writers and mural painters in the world.

torsdag den 16. maj 2013

The Pioneer Of Urban Art in Sao Paulo, John Howard Will give a artist talk at Kunsthal Brænderigården, in Viborg Denmark

John Howard in Action on the street of Sao Paulo

John Howard Will give a artist talk at Kunsthal Brænderigården

The pioneer of urban art in Sao Paulo Brazil

The artist John Howard is said to be the godfather of the street art movement in Sao Paulo, Brazil. He is a living legend who started painting in public space more than 30.years ago. Artists like Os Gemeos see him as the most important person in what became the graffiti capital of the World: Sao Paulo. They say that his work was an important inspiration for them when they were still kids and finding their own way into the arts.. Now in his 70s, John Howard is still very active, painting on the streets of Sao Paulo. We are very pleased, and proud to say, that John will make his first appearance in Europe at the International Billboard Painting Festival, at Kunsthal Brænderigården, Viborg,  Denmark.

John believes that that Sao Paulo metropolitan area, which is said to now hold some twenty million persons, presented the following conditions which have made street art so popular in the city:
The climate is always moderate; the architecture is ideal with many white walls; millions of young persons have no playground, park, or green space in which to play or very many organized activities in which to participate and exercise their creativity; most adults have never seen an art exposition and enjoy seeing public art for this reason (the support of the public has been fundamental for our success).  Finally, Brazil is a land where “flexibility” is considered a great virtue and, when public authorities and law enforcement (personnel of which John has met many times on the city streets) realized that this art was not only agreeable to the population, but that it was projecting Sao Paulo´s name to the world as “The Graffiti Capital” they became tolerant and even appreciative of our efforts. 

John Howard

John Howard and Os Gemeos together, on the streets of Sao Paulo

John Howard

John Howard

A small video from Brasilian Television. Only in Portogues

lørdag den 11. maj 2013

Ken Sortais

We are so happy to say that Ken Sortais will come and paint in Viborg.
Enjoy some of his fantastic work here: 

More Info here at the official festival site, where you find info about the event and the other artists participating:

tirsdag den 7. maj 2013

Christian Dinesen, will come, to Virborg!

Viborg International Billboard painting festival is Looking forward to see Christian Dinesen
Paint from the 1st of June to the 8th of June in Viborg. 
Here is some of his fantastic abstract murals.

fredag den 3. maj 2013

Horfee From Paris Is coming To Viborg!

About Horfee: 
Horfee is one of the leading graffiti activists in Paris .
 In the past 12 years he has travelled the world extensively, leaving his own hugely unique take on graffiti wherever he goes. But it is in Paris, his hometown, that he has left his indelible mark; it is difficult to find a district that he hasn’t covered in his name.Fightng the cleaning city system, and of course , keeping doing it ;
He sees a hope in every personnal marks on walls , like on the tables in classes.
 A recent graduate from art school, he has begun to interest the art world, taking the illustrative elements of his graffiti away from the walls to the other materials he works with;
Sculptures ,installations , and tatoos as well ;
"All the signs of belonging to a marginal culture interrest me , being proud of it is the key , and follow your personnal rythm in it , that's my goal and my vision , of what's best . "
he explain in a very good way thrue his exibitions what's important in the "non accepted art" ,further the drips and the hiphop style corporates re-use non-stop ;
Criticising that , he shows a loose line ,in the drawings he presents , facing the hard structure of compositions in frames , (difficult for a most muralist painter ;) ,and always reaching spectator's mind with ideas of sharing ,and entering his shapes and things alive in movements ; nasty characters going out of theyr own bodies , or people walking thrue each other on fliying platforms, "no limits of imaginations" is his closest friend .
" the subculture doesn't need to hate the rest (knowing it's classic when you are used to feel rejected with your codes ), but to me , being smart is making people understand we have the same power than corporate , but with the freedom of canceling the money consumering )
He keeps on painting as free as he always did in the spaces he chooses , and articulates this unframed part of work , with a gallery work that hang on strong references in the animated cartoon  from the 30 's , or in classic art everybody knows .
the singular touch in thaughts would be to embrace as many people as he can, to show  everyone has a chance to get rid of frustration triying to express them self .
Comming from low naberhoods in Paris , he wants to use every details of everydy life to accumulate as many codes of designs, or street signs , and organise personnal spontaniousity with "robot lines "(as he said ) ,
and create narration ,
reaching pleasure in the chaos , and harmony in the strengh of the fear ,
expressions of the death that is soon coming all around the characters that shows a parade to who knows where;