mandag den 10. juni 2013

And now the artworks will be on display for two months enjoy.

John Howard telling stories 

John Howard 

John Howard 

Blade TC5

Anders Reventlov

Anders Reventlov

Christian Dinesen allmost ready


Horphe Ken Sortais

Christian Dinesen

Having fun

tirsdag den 4. juni 2013

It has all started in The City of Viborg. Now all artist has arrived and are working hard!

Christian dinesen Warming up

John Howard on Danish natioanl Television

Mr.Party Time In Viborg

John Howard, Blade TC5, Anders Reventlov in Kultur søndag P1, Danish Radio

John Howard, Journalist Diana Bach, Anders Reventlov, Blade TC5

All artist has Arrived and are all starting to prepare the work
French sketching with morning coffee

French sketching with morning coffee

Nychos has packed the paint and is ready! 

In the Lab!

Nychos is on

lørdag den 1. juni 2013

Good vibes from Viborg!

John Howard is Ready! 

Ready Set go!!! 

Blade is having a party with Mr.Party

John Howard getting started! 

Kings are helping Kings

Now it is Break time. See you in Viborg! 

Come To Viborg!

fredag den 31. maj 2013

Storm before the stom! John Howard in the streets of Viborg! Warming op for tommorow!

Color explosion! Spreading good vibrations!

And people love it! 

The pioners, of Sao Paulo, and New York. Two legends meet for the first time, ever! Everybody starts  painting tommorow!
On the Photo
Blade TC5 ,John Howard and Anders Reventlov 
The Kings and The kid

torsdag den 30. maj 2013