mandag den 29. april 2013

Blade The Crazy 5 crew King of trains. King of Graff!

Viborg international billboard painting festival is pleased to announce that Blade The King of  Graffiti, and Trains, from New York will come to Viborg and participate in this years International billboard painting festival.

 Blade is one of the first graffiti writers in the world. Started painting on the subway trains in 1972. He is one of the pioners from New york, who without knowing it at the time, contributed to the now, world wide graffiti movement. He is said to be the inventor of the conceptual graffit, beeing the first one bringing other ideas and concept to his paintings on the trians. Blade is the only living person since Andy Warhol, who have ever been on the front magazine of the world famous sothebys auction house catalog. Blade has since the 80es been active on the International commercial gallery scene and is selling to collectors and exhibiting world wide. His artworks are today sold for prices like 35000.€ 

Blade interview

One of the 5000 New York Subway cars Blade painted, in his train painting years from 1972 to 1980
This one is called the Swinging letters, one of the most famous trains he did. 

A young Blade a New York Train

Blade on a New York Train

Blade on a New York train

Blade on Canvas 2013

Blade on Canvas together with Os Gemeos. 

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